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Strawberry Hill Brewing Company
Teal Lotus Clothing Brand
The Flying Gopher
Sky Island Distillery
Larson Entertainment
Red Barn
Lost Things Distillery
Frio Fix
Autumn Lee Studios
El Diez
Huntsville Canoe Club
Jump Jet
Maple Fire
Appalachian Genetics
Mocking Bird Cannabis
Cape Squid Brewing Company
Sticky Mittens Farm
407 Beers
Tin Rivits
After 5 Box
Northwest Arkansas Ranger
Copper Still Records
Titan Storage
Southern Extracts
XND Brewing Company
Dakota Joes BBQ
Snakehead Brewing Company
Turtle Creek Woodworking
Fly HIgh Woodworking
Icy Bits
Fairy Tale
Liberty Restoration Project
Angel Face
Tok City
Off The rails Bar and Grill
Bisignano's Grill
Olive & Sake

Inside the Module


Launching into orbit... Jupiter-Cola Design is a freelance design outfit based in Kansas City, Kansas specializing in branding, paper-to-pixel logo work and original design concepts.  For the individual starting an enterprise or a corporation needing a unique identity, Jupiter-Cola Design is the go-to "Cosmic Vending Station" for all of your creative endeavors.

Get Atmospheric! Set your vision into the stratosphere and beyond!

Hello! My name is David. Welcome to my freelance design endeavor.

This section will be updated soon.

Paper to Pixel


Anyone can obtain a color-by-number design or just simply purchase clip art and plop it down on the page. First and foremost its drawing and the initial planning that makes all the difference. We are not just offering you a unique brand, we are crafting your vision!

Pixel to Publish


Successful branding shouldn't be just a one-and-done procedure. Its about forging relationships and pioneering through the design process and beyond! Pushing the envelope. 

Publish to Perfection



Free Design Consultion


Traveling usually isn't a problem within the KC area.  Virtual consultion is also available.  Please contact us for the information.  





Mission control

Got a project? Got an idea in mind?

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